A global view on society, culture, creativity, and climate by student journalists at Oxford Brookes University.

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A global view on society, culture, creativity, and climate by student journalists at Oxford Brookes University


Rochelle Beiersdorfer

music maniac | 地下音乐拥护者 | adventurer | lifelong learner | writer focusing on China's subcultures & music | Oxford Brookes Journo MA '23 | etc.

Alexandra Shakespeare

Editor, writer, lecturer. Nurturing the next-gen of journalists @oxfordbrookes

Amy Blay

Student, writer, cat lover.

Morgan Baker

Writer, journalist, known to eat sand

Fiona Webster

Journalist - national newspapers & broadcast, and lecturer - Oxford Brookes, Daily Mail grad scheme & NCTJ.

Giorgia Coupland

Hi! I'm Giorgia, and I'm a MA Journalism student at Brookes! I am passionate about the arts (specifically film and stage shows), human interaction, sitcoms and psychology :)

Maleeha Saad

Student journalist with a knack for activism.


‘Don't panic when you encounter tides, follow them.‘ - stray kids. Hi, my name is Michelle, I like writing about societal issues, cultural differences , social media and pop culture.

Peter Sheppard

First year Journalism Student at Oxford Brookes

Hybrid Magazine

Hybrid Magazine: student journalism from Oxford Brookes University

Antonia Mackay

Lecturer, Researcher, Editor and Writer

Myra Lim Ai May

A Media, Journalism & Publishing student from Malaysia who has a strong passion for writing, advocating for mental-health and creating personal, creative pieces of work for others to get inspired by.

Molly Wilford

Third year media, journalism & publishing student from Oxfordshire studying at OBU. Special interests in pop culture, technology and crime fiction.

Hamish Graham

Scottish student journalist | World News | Culture | Environment | Sport


I am an Italian student who loves dancing

Millie Flanagan

Student Journalist | Oxford Brookes


Media, Journalism and Publishing student at Oxford Brookes University.