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Is working from home the answer to train strikes?

With upcoming rail strikes scheduled for May and June is working from home the answer to avoid train strike chaos.

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) has called a strike for members working for 14 train operators on Saturday 13 May.

After analysing poll data from the Office for National statistics (ONS) data showed that if commuters were unable to take the train 70% reported that they could work from home.

Chart by Michael Wolverson

Does working from home undermine strikes?

We talked to Gemma Dale, business lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University who said that working from home is a problem for the effectiveness of strikes.

“The ability for someone to work from home means that the strikes won’t affect some businesses, and this put less pressure on the Government that perhaps it would have done before the pandemic,” said Gemma Dale.

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